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Estate Planning

For many, deciding who will take care of them when they’re unable to care for themselves, or deciding how and to whom all of their worldly possessions will be disbursed causes discomfort and often anxiety.  But that need not be your experience.  At the Law Office of Kimberly J. Myers, we understand the inner conflict between the desire to put off making those decisions and the senses of comfort and peace of mind that come from having a plan in place that reflects your wishes and goals.

Every person and family is special and it is our goal to help ensure that you find peace of mind in knowing that you will be taken care of should the need arise, and that your loved ones will be taken care of and your belongings passed along according to your unique and specific wishes.

If you do not prepare an estate plan expressing your wishes for the distribution of your estate upon your death, Illinois has one for you…. It’s called the Probate Act, and below are just a couple of examples of how it may not be what you would wish for your loved ones…

Common tools used in estate planning include a will, a living trust, powers of attorney for health and property, a living will, HIPAA authorizations, wealth preservation vehicles such as LLCs and life insurance, and more. In some cases, simplified estate planning is most appropriate.  Our office will assist you in designing the best plan for you.

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